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A tailor-made solution

"   ... Some Sugars further"



We offer you a service built on your needs.

We can offer you several customized services (upon request) as:

  • Palletizing

The pallet's height and weight can be modified according to your storage needs (racks, and other small spaces ...).

We use both pallets of wood and plastic.

  • Custom labeling

Once your order is ready, an
standard tag is added and placed on each pallet. It includes the following informations:

        - Product Type name

        - Internal product code

        - Weight of pallet

        - Sugar origin

However, we can join some additional information if you asked for.

  •  Different types of sugar analysis

Our customers needs in terms of quality are not the same. If you are interested by a criterion (particularly about the analysis), we can consider your request. Our quality manager is at your disposal.

Our mission is to adapt us to your requirements and specifications. Service is our motivation!

All trademarks

Because your satisfaction is our main goal, we look forward to offer you the highest number of brands on the market.

If you are familiar with a particular brand, whether a large European brand or an importation sugar, we will do our possible to provide you the same product or to offer you the equivalent one.

We work directly with all
French and Europeans sugar stakeholders, our experience is to offer all trademarks sold at the European Union.

A personalized logistic solution

In order to respond effectively to your logistics needs, our team and our facilities have the following characteristics:

  • Proximity

We are located in the southwest and west of France: A strategic position in the heart of one of the most active regions of the country, especially in the agri-food domain.

Sugar is one of the most important ingredients in the manufacture of many products. To reduce delivery times and carbon emissions, Cestas proved to be the optimal location for our hardware.

  • Independence

Our company is
whole dedicated to the sugar sales. There can be no crossed contamination, as all our products are sugar. Among our facilities we have:

- Several storage silos

- A controlled atmosphere stock.

- A Trailer

- A van for local deliveries

  • Alternative transportation

As our sales area expands, we use subcontractors that meet our quality standards and have signed our specifications
transportation engagement for the carrier.

Technical support


Our quality manager and sales team are available for:


- Study the reactions of different types of sugar in your manufacturing process
- Coaching in the implementation of sugars
- Finding all necessary information about sugar and its applications
- Answer your questions as well as technical and/or curiosities.

From the experience of individual employees and ongoing training that we follow, we endeavor to keep to the forefront of progress and innovation.

A solution for the future

Our company is committed to the environment: reducing Carbon emissions indirectly by sugar transportation.


In 2014, we will be be evaluated among the norm ISO 26000.


In addition, we are confident in the future: Railways give a real benefit with respect to traffic problems in the country's roads.