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Organic extralight and golden organic and fairtrade sugar

Packaging : 25kg, 5kg, 1kg, BB1000

Origine : Paraguay

Used for : The pastry, The biscuit , The beverages and spirits, Dairy products, Caterers, Ice cream maker, Chocolatiers, Beekeepers, Confectionnery

This crystal sugar is obtained from sugar cane.

This sugar has a color range between 500 and 1000 ICUMSA

Organic sugar imports are certified by ECOCERT, who certifies that our product is effectively organic from Paraguay and FLO-CERT certifies the Fairtrade part.

If you choose our sugar certified by FLO-Cert, you can place the logo of Faire trade/Max Havelaar in your products.

We can also provide only
"Fair Trade" sugar certified FLOCERT. In this case, the sugar is from Mauritius.

We regularly visit the farmers' cooperatives which we are working to monitor progress and give them our support.

We see the benefits generated locally by the premium received from the sale of fair trade products.

These testimonies are available on our website, on the page: "Import Partners" which include cooperatives.

These products are tailored to the industrial production of the whole range of finished products.