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Pearl sugar

Packaging : 10 kg

Origine : Union Européenne

Used for : The pastry

Download : FT sucre en grains.pdf


Also called  "Casson" sugar or "Pearl" sugar, this sugar cames from white granulated sugar beet.

It is obtained by grinding and then coating crystallized sugar.

Ithe opening average (OM)  which makes the difference between the various types of sugar grains:


carrarec15   Pearl sugar C15 : OM : 2 mm


carrare c25   Pearl Sugar C25: OM : 3.5 mm

carrare c30  Pearl sugar C30 : 4 mm



carrare C401  Pearl sugar C40 : OM : approximately 7.2 mm


carrare C50  Pearl sugar C50: OM:  13 mm


Comparing element: average opening size of crystal sugar is 0.6mm

Pearl sugar is used to decorate pastries (cakes, cookies, ginger breads and more)

Blond Vergeoise

Packaging : 25kg

Origine : Union Européenne

Used for : The pastry, Caterers

Download : FT sucre vergeoise blonde Belgique.pdf

This sugar is obtained from sweet beet. It is a white granulated sugar which has been colored and flavored.

Its consistency is delicate and has a characteristic flavor.


This product has a Belgian origin and its overall used in the northern French pastries (sugar pie, flan Flanders, pancakes, waffles).

Dark Vergeoise

Packaging : 25kg

Origine : Union Européenne

Used for : The pastry, Caterers

Download : FT sucre vergeoise brune Belgique.pdf

As its counterpart: the blond vergeoise, brown vergeoise is also derived from sugar beet.

This sugar at the beginning was crystallized and white,but then it has been crushed and color and flavour added.

It keeps the same characteristics that blond vergeoise, except that it has a stronger flavor than the first one.

Brown sugar

Packaging : poche de 1kg

Origine : Réunion

Used for : The pastry, The biscuit , Caterers, Confectionnery

Download : FT sucre de canne roux.pdf

Brown sugar or otherwise also called "Cassonade" in French, offers a beautiful amber color and an aroma of rum.

Its name comes from the word "Casson" referring to the sixteenth century, referring to a sugar that is easily melted and very fragile. Sugar mills provide an special production to this product.

The use of brown sugar is great for some exotic desserts, English or American type, as well as for creams, waffles and pancakes.

Muscovado or Barbados sugar

Packaging : 50kg, 10kg

Origine : Ile Maurice

Used for : The pastry, The biscuit , Caterers

Download : FT sucre de canne complet Dark Muscovado.pdf

The sugar "dark" muscovado from Mauritius has a dark brown color.

It is not refined nor crystallized.

Its high molasses concentration which gives it its special flavor.

It is popular for making pastry cakes and gingerbread for example.

It is packaged in polypropylene bags of 50 kg coated with a polyethylene film.

It is also sold in 10 kg boxes.

Icing sugar

Packaging : 25kg

Origine : Union Européenne

Used for : The pastry, The biscuit , Pharmaceutical laboratories, Chocolatiers

Download : FT sucre glace amylacé AF.pdf

The product that we propose to you is obtained by grinding granulated sugar.

The crystals are reduced into a fine powder (average opening: 0.03 to 0.06 mm).

The icing sugar with starch, contains 2 or 3% starch potato starch, an anticaking agent. In fact, the size of the grains of sugar is very small, therefore it is more sensitive to clumping that other sugars in general.

The sweetness of sugar is approximately the same as the crystal sugar, but if we compare it to an equivalent volume, the icing sugar is lighter: it weighs 1.5 times less than the crystal sugar.

Icing sugar is instantly soluble in water.

Is perfect for decorating cakes (icing operation, hence comes the name). It is also used to "dusting" cakes, pies, or to sweeten egg whites.